Which Legal Process Does a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Manage?


Pedestrian accidents are among the problems of today. For this reason, the legal order took action to protect the rights of pedestrians. Pedestrian accident lawyers are assigned to protect the safety of life and property of pedestrians. In this article, we will give you information so that you can better see your rights as a pedestrian. We wish you good reading.

The pedestrian accident lawyer fulfills his duties in the process from the moment of application after the accident, from the petitions to the litigation process, from the material or moral, material and moral compensation litigation process to the end of the case.

After a traffic accident, the police (police or gendarmerie) first hears the accident story, and then a traffic accident report is drawn up. The post-accident trial is then transferred to the prosecutor’s office. The accident report should be prepared after the accident history is accurately reflected and all the evidences have been collected, otherwise the reports and reports prepared in the absence of one of the parties will cause loss of right to the hospital (accident/death). However, incomplete, unilateral, uncollected or incomplete evidence may be opposed, and it is also possible to demand an evaluation based on new evidence at every stage of the process.

The process of notifying the traffic accident to the insurance company is an extremely important and mandatory step for both the compensation of physical damage in fatal traffic accidents/injuries and the compensation of damage to vehicles and services. Without notifying the insurance company directly, it can sometimes cause irreparable damage due to skipping a legal step. The heirs or proxies of the decedent have the right to notify. All these processes are managed by pedestrian accident lawyers.

Choosing the right lawyer is very important, as this situation will become very advantageous for the victims when the litigation process is managed with lawyers who know their job. The right moves made with the right lawyers are vital both in terms of exercising all the rights of the victims and in terms of the positive outcome of the case.

How many rights do we have as pedestrians, right? You can review our website to find out more. Have a nice day…

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