The Pros and Cons of Legitimate Work at Home Jobs



The times are here where more and more people are opting for legitimate work at home jobs. It has an upside and a down side. You are your own boss but if you fail there is a certain amount of responsibility and accountability that is placed on you and you alone. This means that your future of your business lies within you. The benefits may far outweigh the cons, but a lot of this will depend on the amount of effort that you put into it.There can be many obstacles that stand in your way.

They can be a number of the following reasons that you may not want to consider legitimate work at home jobs:

1. There may be legal and insurance obligations that can be a little daunting.

2. You may not like to be alone and are actually a people person who enjoys the company of others. In fact, you may be lonely and crave conversation with other people other than your family.

3. You may not have all the necessary skills that are required for legitimate work at home jobs.

4. Your family may not support you in your endeavors. A good support system is crucial to your success.

5. You may have issues with distractions and the disruptiveness of family life that may not be very professional.

6. There may be times that you make a lot of money and there may be times that you don’t make enough. It can be tedious trying to budget your bills when you don’t know how much money you are going to make.

7. You may feel obligated to take care of the family instead of taking care of business. You should follow a daily agenda that you follow through with.

8. You may not be disciplined enough to follow a schedule at home. It is more relaxed and you could end up procrastinating things that need to be done.

9. There are always interruptions from phones and people who just drop by. Let friends and family know your schedule.

10. There may be some prejudices of others who do not think that you have a real job. It can make your self-esteem plummet and you may end up over analyzing and second guessing your decision to consider legitimate work at home jobs

There are many benefits of working at home:

1. You won’t have to commute every day.

2. You can save on gas and won’t have as many trips to have your oil changed or other maintenance issues.

3. You won’t be as time strapped. The time you save on driving time could add up over the week.

4. You don’t have to worry about road rage.

5. You don’t have to worry about being in a car accident or a traffic jam on your commute to work when you have legitimate work at home jobs.

6. The less you commute; the less you pollute.

7. You don’t have to dress up for work.

8. You can have flexible schedule that fits your personality. If you’re nocturnal then you can work nights and sleep during the day.

9. You have control of the whole work environment. It can all be to your liking.

10. You can attend functions for the family.

11. You can take a lunch for however long and whenever you want.

12. You can use some of your expenses for your home as tax deductions.

13. You may learn new things.

14. You create the atmosphere of your business.

15. You may be able to attain financial security.

16. You can run errands when it isn’t busy.

17. You don’t have to take sick days.These are some things to consider when you consider legitimate work at home jobs. You can evolve into a new journey in your life that can be very fulfilling and satisfactory. There will always be challenges so boredom is out of the question. It has many benefits and many downfalls. The only one to decide if it is right for you is you.


Source by Jose Barreda

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