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Have you ever experienced a major negative experience that caused such profound changes in your life and in your personality? Are you suffering from the aftermath of a traumatic experience and find yourself more deeply affected by it than you thought?

You may be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder.

Here are some crucial steps on the road to recovery from this problem:

1. Recognizing the problem. The most dangerous thing about post traumatic stress disorder is that a lot of people are not aware of its presence in their lives. They think they’re recovering quite nicely from whatever negative experience they went through, or they may also think that the effects of the experience are normal and would eventually pass.

However, to begin the recovery process, they should recognize the problem first as a disorder. There are certain symptoms that may help you determine whether you are suffering from normal and temporary effects of a situation or you are suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. Here are the symptoms of the latter:

· Intrusive and frequent memories of the traumatic event

· Flashbacks

· Avoiding anything (places, people, fragrances, songs, sounds, and so on) that are somehow associated with the traumatic experience

· Loss of memory about certain parts of the event

· Nightmares

· Intense physical distress that may come out in the form of sweating, heavy breathing, chills, and so on

· A feeling of detachment from society or even close family members and friends

· Difficulty sleeping

· Alcohol

· Depression

· Suicidal thoughts and feelings

2. Recognizing the need for treatment. Sometimes, people who experience traumatic events may recognize the problem but they hesitate before seeking treatment. The decision to do something about the trauma does not come automatically. Before you come to this decision, you have to be prepared to come to terms with what happened. You have to first accept that it really happened instead of be in denial about it.

3. Seek professional help. The best way to face a post traumatic stress disorder is to seek professional help. Professionals say that the earlier you seek treatment, the better and the faster recovery will be.

4. Self-healing. Whether or not you seek professional treatment, it is still preferable if you also take charge of your own situation by seeking healing with determination. If you do seek treatment, do not depend on it entirely. Recovery from a trauma will only come if you are determined to move beyond the experience.

If you don’t feel comfortable seeking treatment, there are many things you can do to help pull yourself from the experience. However, take note that in some cases, the problem may be too advanced that professional remedy is really necessary.

If you think self-healing is more suitable for you, you may try learning self-hypnosis or watching helpful subliminal videos regularly. Subliminal videos are easy to use; you just have to look for videos specifically designed to help with post traumatic stress disorder then make it a habit to watch them. You don’t have to do anything else. In the videos, as images are being flashed, there are also subliminal messages being flashed at a faster rate so you cannot read them. As you focus on the images being flashed onscreen, your subconscious will absorb the subliminal messages.

Here are some subliminal messages that may help with PTSD:

I am in control of my future.

I move forward from my past.

I learn from my experiences.

My experiences strengthen me.


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