Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Fees 2022


Pedestrian accidents are among the problems of today. For this reason, the legal order took action to protect the rights of pedestrians. Pedestrian accident lawyers are assigned to protect the safety of life and property of pedestrians. In this article, we will give you information so that you can better see your rights as a pedestrian. We wish you good reading.

Pedestrian accident lawyer fees vary depending on the type of court and case. Fees of pedestrian accident lawyers and other lawyers are determined within the scope of the lawyer fee schedule. Regardless of the case or the stage before the lawsuit, the lawyer who accepts the lawsuit and enforcement proceeding is entitled to the entire fee determined by the provisions of the fee schedule.

In case of a dispute, lawsuit, waiver, acceptance, reconciliation or any reason, until the preliminary examination report is signed, half of the costs determined according to the provisions of this tariff, and if it is corrected after the signature of the preliminary examination report, the whole is applied.

In case the case is forwarded, the case is deemed not closed, a decision of non-jurisdiction or lack of jurisdiction is made until the signature of the preliminary report, half of the fee written in this tariff is determined, and if a decision is made after the decision is made, the full attorney’s fee will be determined according to the jurisdiction where the case is heard. If the conditions stipulated by the law for the investigation of the case are not met and the case is withdrawn due to hostility, the fees of the lawyer registered in the third part are fixed within the amounts recorded in the second part. The second part of this tariff is confiscated by court decision.

It is very difficult to say an exact number, as attorney fees may vary depending on how the case process works. Many complications can occur during the litigation and the cost may increase or decrease as a result. The fee paid to the lawyer may also vary according to the experience of the lawyer and the number of cases he has won.

How many rights do we have as pedestrians, right? You can review our website to find out more. Have a nice day…

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