A Review Of The 2011 Volvo S60



Driving can be a dangerous task; every time you go on the road you risk getting into an accident. If you care a lot about safety and don’t want to sacrifice on style then the S60 would be a good choice since the vehicle offers a large number of safety features generally not found on the average car such as pedestrian detection. In terms of styling the S60 resembles a coupe and sleek European styling. The S60 is a midsize luxury auto and competes with powerful German players such as the C-Class Mercedes Benz and 3 series from BMW.

Despite its solid emphasis on driver safety, there is absolutely nothing boring about this car. It sports plenty of muscle and horsepower under the hood. This car will thrill with a six cylinder engine with 300 horsepower and 325 lb feet of torque. The S60 allows the driver to customize the driving experience via two separate driving modes; Sport Mode and Advanced Stability Control. The suspension system features Corner Traction Control and Advanced Stability Control. Acceleration is smooth and the car goes from zero to sixty in just 6.2 seconds; fast enough to leave everyone else behind the dust.

Step inside and you will find yourself in a refined and stylish interior. There’s a standard screen in place which works with the optional navigation system. Every single vehicle is equipped with a climate control system, Bluetooth capabilities, a trip PC, connectivity with iPod players and a high definition radio. Cargo space is at 12 cubic feet which is competitive for its class. Opt for the premium package and you get a sunroof and cool xenon headlights. The multimedia package adds in an intuitive navigation system, a rearview camera and audio system with twelve speakers.

Brand new for the 2011 S60 is a smart feature which helps to prevent collisions with pedestrians. It’s called the Pedestrian Technology. It works through using a mix of radar technology and a camera in order to prevent accidents with passengers. In the event that the driver does not brake in time, the system will automatically apply pressure. Driver Alert control can also be installed; it’s a feature that alerts tired drivers if it detects a drastic driving pattern such as swerving. Also standard is Volvo’s exclusive City Safe System which automatically applies the brakes of it appears that you’re about to hit an immobile object. Additional safety precautions include a collapsible steering column, airbags, an energy absorbing interior, anti-submarining protection, side impact protection and a system to avoid accidents caused by whiplash.

The risk of getting involved in a car accident is an ever present one since most of us depend on our vehicles every day to take us to work, school and to see our friends. Therefore, safety should be a main concern whenever deciding to purchase a new car. The 2011 S60 was built with the latest pedestrian and passenger safety features. The S60 is priced around $34k and the cost may vary depending on the optional packages selected.


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